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I have never worked in fashion, but I have always loved style. From my early days shopping at thrift stores and dyeing jeans in the bathtub, to my current fondness for scouring the internet for street style inspo, I just love clothes.


Whenever I am out and about, people often stop me and ask, “Where did you get that?” Not one to hoard the secrets of a great fashion find, I always tell them which High Street or local shop I found it in. And it never fails. They look at me with total surprise. “You found that in a High Street store?

And this got me thinking. Maybe shopping, scanning racks of clothing in overstuffed retail stores, hunting for that perfect piece followed by fitting that perfect piece into your wardrobe, is not something that comes as easily to others as it does to me. Maybe my favourite pastime, is actually a skill. One that I could share with others.

I haven’t always had access to the biggest and most unique stores and I certainly haven’t had access to a big budget to shop at those stores! The fantasy wardrobes I drool over on Pinterest and Instagram will remain just that, a fantasy. As I like to say, I live ‘Here on Earth’ and certain restrictions apply. But it never seems to matter. I always find fantastic pieces, at prices I can afford, right in the very stores that line our High Streets.

So, I have decided to lend a helping hand and feature all the amazing pieces of wardrobe past, present and future here on this blog (and also on Instagram @hereonearthstyle).  I want everyone to be able to get in on the great scores I come across, in the very same stores they walk past every day. In short, I want to show you how you can find your high on the High Street.


Jana xxx

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